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New Driver Provisions

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You will be categorised by the DVLA and the Magistrates Court as a new driver if you have passed your driving test less than 2 years before the date of any motoring offence. Where a new driver accumulates 6 penalty points on a driving licence within the first 2 years of passing their driving test, their driving licence will be revoked.

This 2 year period after you have passed your test is known as the probationary period.

#1 Motoring Solicitors have previously argued that the Court should, depending upon the client’s personal circumstances, impose a short disqualification from driving. This type of application requires careful consideration and preparation to be presented to theMagistrates Court. A short period of disqualification will often circumvent the revocation of a driving licence and the driver having to sit the driving test again.

Where a driver has a driving licence revoked under the New Driver Provisions the driving test has to be taken again before the driver will be eligible to hold a driving licence again. Many clients would prefer to receive a disqualification from driving rather than have to re-sit a driving test. #1 Motoring Solicitors are aware of the impact that any period of disqualification will have upon the Insurance Premiums. We will therefore help you arrive at the correct decision for you, bearing in mind your personal circumstances.

Please contact us for our professional advice if you are facing the revoke of your driving licence.