Drug Driving offences and Recreational Drug use

Bad news awaits recreational drug users who drive.

The new drug driving laws, brought in on the 2nd March 2015, mean that any driver caught have used drugs and driving faces the loss of their driving licence for at least 12 months and the risk of a prison sentence. The issue for those who perhaps only use illegal drugs on the weekend could be profound, there is a zero tolerance policy in place for any illegal drugs found in your system. Read More

Drug Driving and the change in the law

From today, the 2nd March 2015, the law in respect of drug driving will change.

The police have been empowered to use road side ‘drugalyser’ – a device that will be able to measure the amount of a particular drug in a drivers blood system. The principal will be the same as a roadside breathalyzer for drink driving offences. Additionally, Police officers have also been trained to consider the use of a road side impairment test to check a drivers reaction, balance and coordination. Read More