Drink Driving limit to be reduced?

Proposed amendments to The Road Traffic Act 1988 are awaiting further consideration by the House of Lords. Should the suggestions within the Bill become law, the drink driving alcohol breath limit will be reduced from 35 microgrammes of alcohol in breath to only 14 microgrammes of alcohol in breath.

This represents the present alcohol breath limit being reduced by more than half. There is a zero tolerance policy operated by police forces across England and Wales to drink driving offences. A positive road side breath test above the legal limit will almost certainly result in an arrest.

There is no safe amount of alcohol that can be consumed to guarantee that you are under the drink drive limit. Each of us will metabolise alcohol at different rates depending upon a variety of personal factors.

Should the drink drive limits be reduced in the near future, the safest way to drive and avoid being arrested or prosecuted for drink driving is not to consume any alcohol before driving.

We will wait and see whether the law on drink driving is changed and the legal limit of alcohol in breath reduced.

How DNA testing can assist in Drink Drive offences.

DNA might not seem an obvious tool to assist in Drink Drive cases; however in two cases it has proved to be decisive.

Case one – Failure to provide.

When an individual fails to provide a breath specimen for analysis the operator of the Evidential Breath Testing Device is instructed on the form MG DD/A (the Drink Drive procedure form) Read More