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Drug Driving

Charged with a Drug Driving Offence

It is an offence to drive with various prescribed and illegal drugs in your system, over a certain level. The law changed on the 2nd March 2015 essentially enacting a ‘zero tolerance’ police to the drugs such as Cannabis, Cocaine and Ecstasy being found in a drivers system. The new legislation will continue alongside the existing law of consuming drugs and driving whilst impaired.

The police will enforce the new offence of drug driving through the use of ‘Drugalyser’ at the roadside which will take a sample of saliva. If positive, this will give the police the power to arrest and take a more accurate blood sample.

#1 Motoring Solicitors will explore the exact facts of your case and the availability of a defence to drug driving – this could include instructing expert evidence and challenging both the Drugalyser procedure and the circumstances in which the blood sample were taken.

The penalties for drug driving are severe, the loss of your driving licence for at least 12 months and the risk of a prison sentence.

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Jon Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins

Head of #1 Motoring Solicitors Jon Wilkins has nearly two decades of experience defending drivers for motoring offences.


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