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Driving ban Appeals


It is possible to apply to the Magistrates Court which imposed your disqualification from driving for the early removal of your driving ban.

#1 Motoring Solicitors can advise and represent you to ensure the return of your driving licence. When considering an application that the disqualification from driving should be removed the court will look at a number of factors including the original offence for which the disqualification was imposed, your character and conduct and any other circumstances of your case or your application.

There are strict criteria which apply in seeking the return of your driving licence which include the amount of time which has passed since the disqualification was imposed and the length of disqualification imposed for the original motoring offence. Where an application to return your driving licence is refused you can make a further application to renew your application to return your driving licence after 3 months.

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Based in Cardiff, #1 Motoring Solicitors have have defended clients throughout South Wales and the West, including Newport, Swansea and Llanelli.

#1 Motoring Solicitors can prepare the necessary paperwork to support your application and appear in Court on your behalf to seek the return of your licence on a fixed fee basis. Please contact us for further information.

Jon Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins

Head of #1 Motoring Solicitors Jon Wilkins has nearly two decades of experience defending drivers for motoring offences.


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